K-5 Tools

We provide links to engaging curriculum you can use with your children. You’ll find tools for facilitating “voice” on any topic from digital storytelling to animation to coding.

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Middle School Tools

Media tools specific to gender and/or with age restrictions can be found here.

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High School Tools

Links listed on this page are more involved and can be used with younger audiences if deemed appropriate. Also, parents can use these tools at home to foster creativity. Video-production and interactive media links can be found here.

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Why Tools?

Digital tools enhance education and speak to those 21st century skills Mediaheads wishes to foster.

We are living in a fast-paced, digital age and communication is changing exponentially from even a decade ago. Critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication are just some of the job skills necessary for functioning in the 21st century.  The incorporation of media literacy and media-making tools help 21st century citizens participate more fully and successfully in the job market.

Many young learners find traditional educational pedagogy and methodology lagging behind 21st century digital technology. Using 21st century media tools and education such as digital literacy and active, inquiry-based participation enhances the connection between schools and home; thus, encouraging fun and meaningful exploration both in and outside the classroom. In addition, when actively participating in digital learning and media-making,  students enhance their organizational, critical thinking, and creative thinking skills.


Let us know!

Send a message about cool links to add, which tools to delete from our list or if you feel a tool belongs in another category. If adding, provide 1. name of tool 2. why you like 3. how you use 4. category in which it belongs, such as Elem., MS, HS. And thanks in advance!

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