MediaHeads delivers 21st century media literacy, education, and activism to rural New Mexico youth, educators, parents, and community stakeholders.

Our Approach

Every person has a right to understand and participate in the mediascape; therefore, we work primarily with under-represented and underserved communities in order to provide access to media literacy, media education, and media activism.  Mediaheads  collaborates with public and charter schools, health education entities, non-profits, and colleges and universities to empower youth, adults, teachers, and community stakeholders. Our aim is to offer efficacious, research and data-driven media education to those who are often overlooked and have the least access to new technologies and education.

The digital revolution has impacted education as well as society. Information is more accessible than ever. Digital citizenship paired with critical thinking skills is paramount in our fast-paced, media-infused culture. Mediaheads creates informed, educated, citizens—rather than just consumers—of media culture.

The field of media education is constantly being redefined. Mediaheads participants engage with each other, share media with the world, empower themselves, and and empower others. We encourage media literacy through the use of various educational tools including Inquiry-Based Learning; participants ask questions, develop informed opinions, create media and take action within their communities.  The result is active, informed, and ethical participation in our media culture and society.