Convergence Design Lab

A learning center studio and applied research center focused on research, play, community building and learning-centered design to prepare youth to become media-fluent participants in public life. They are experts in participatory media and learning and work collaboratively with diverse communities locally, nationally and globally to advance the field. Under a US. Department of Education Investing in Innovation Fund, they developed and implemented a whole school model transforming education across two schools into 21st Century learning by integrating media and technology into curriculum, instruction, learning, and culture.

Media Studies – Peter Haratonik

Peter’s work in media, education and communication spans fifty years. Starting as a classroom teacher and moving into the university sphere as a professor, faculty, chair and director of departments . Currently at The Chicago Art Institute and The New School, he was also at Antioch College, Hofstra University, and New York University. He shares views with media theorist Neil Postman, as his student and colleague, on understanding media’s influence on thoughts and actions in relation to education. 

Institute for Teaching and Leading

Working to build capacity in instructional digital, blended learning, online learning and collaborative leadership, they are experienced in working with New Mexico communities. Elizabeth LeBlanc was recently named State Ambassador for the NM Teacher Leader Network. Elizabeth has designed and implemented programs as curriculum, data coordinator and Instructional coach at her blended school Taos Academy Charter School. She and her team at i4tl address rural education and professional learning for student-centered education.  

Design and Education – Louisa Campbell

Louisa’s current foci is media and education as a research faculty in the Design Technology program at Parson’s School of Design, where she’s worn many hats since 2002. She led a team of cultural organizations on developing youth-centered and youth-driven learning products as co-executive producer of New Youth City Learning Network, funded by the MacArthur Foundation. She authored books, scripts and interactive titles for youth and worked as executive and creative at media companies, such as Scholastic, YouthNoise, and MaMaMedia, Sesame Workshop, Jim Henson Productions, Nickelodeon, Disney, and Sesame Workshop. 

Native American Focus – Bruce Gomez

A graduate of Taos High School in NM, Bruce is a photographer and recently retired educator of health and Native American studies. He was nominated for national cross country coach of the year by the National High School Athletic Coaches Association in 2017. Bruce has a lifelong commitment to health, art, youth, and Native American culture. 

Digital Education Technology- Kipp Bentley

Kipp has been a classroom teacher, a librarian, and a district-level educational technology director. In his current work as a freelance writer and ed-tech consultant, he continues to focus on empowering students with the skills necessary to be thoughtful and successful digital consumers and creators.